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Kia Ora, Madkiwis Marketing is a full-service marketing company. Based in the South Island of New Zealand, we work closely with many brands and companies.

We'll help you hatch a plan for success that integrates all channels with correlating creative and a single, cohesive message to your audiences. Discover how we can transform the way you do business in New Zealand and beyond.

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Digital Marketing & Promotion

Stay up to date in the online world and ensure your brand and business is visible to the global markets. Digital marketing offers a range of media platforms, we know just what it takes to differentiate you from the crowded and competitive market.  We can manage your marketing, minimising costs of employing your own in-house marketing teams. We create comprehensive sales and marketing plans to reflect your needs and your budget. Our marketing plans work to enable your business to grow and help increase your exposure.

We begin by working with you to define project goals that focus on reach, engagement, and conversion. 

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Media Production

We can create high-end video and still imagery using the latest technology available to capture your bright idea, whether it be a commercial, a wedding or a conference we have the tools to help. 

Madkiwis Productions use Lumix G DMC G85 camera's, producing 4K quality output which can be used for all media including cinema. We also use the DJR Mavic 2 Pro drone, offering you the best in aerial imagery.

We have a stock of GoPro's, gimbals and drone equipment to suit all types of multimedia marketing.

Grow you business with an APP

Do you have an app for your business?

We can build your business an App of your choice from the ground up, whether it be IOS (Apple) and Android or both, depending on your needs, we can build the app with in-app purchases, online shopping etc. 

App's are not as expensive as you may think, so if you're thinking about the benefits to your business, reach out today!

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Research & Insights

We can help with Analytics & Insight Reporting, giving your business that extra adrenaline shot it needs to get the ball rolling and take action with all creative aspects of any project, large or small scale. Count on us to handle your Research & Insight Reporting. We are here to help you succeed. Leave it to us. We are driven, dedicated, and will work tirelessly to get the results that you deserve.

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Document Design & Print

Need help with writing a critical document for your business? 

We can help with PowerPoint presentations, Statements, Policy, contracts, embedded data.

Reach out to us to see what we can deliver.



Free advise to brighten your ideas

Getting Online

Getting online may be one of the best ways to minimise the impact of COVID-19 and other disruptions on your business. 

We've pulled together a few ideas that will help you get online faster.

If building your own online presence sounds daunting we can help you build a simple solution fast. 

Google My Business

Learn how to boost your business with Google My Business


Whether you’re a marketing pro or just starting out, Mailchimp helps you reach your goals.

Build an email database with Mailchimp, then manage, write an EDM then send. 

Depending on the size of your database its free of charge.

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